E=MC2 is staffed with professionals focused on the Engineering Industry.
We continually adapt our business to stay one step ahead of our client's needs.
Our objective is to provide your company with candidates that will
enhance productivity and growth.

As your search consultant E=MC2 will facilitate the following in the hiring process:
-Define the company's hiring needs with written specifications.
-Identify the qualified executives meeting the requirements
-Assist in scheduling interview and negotiations
-Follow up with the integration of the hired candidate into the company.

Company Contingency or Retainer Search:
A traditional approach, utilizing our recruiting services to fill a current
open position at your company.

Proactive Candidate Search:
An informal search approach allowing your company to specify the types
of candidates you would "always be interested in reviewing".

Direct Employment:
Candidates identified and pre-qualified by E=MC2 that you hire directly.

Contract to Direct Employment:
E=MC2 identifies and pre-qualifies candidates for your direct positions.
After your approval and specified hours worked,
these E=MC2 employees are eligible for direct hire at no additional fee.

Contract Employment:
E=MC2 employees assigned to work fo you. You receive flexible employment
solutions and increased staff utilization by focusing resources exactly
where and when you need them.

Our company based search approach allows your company the luxury of having an experienced recruiter within your industry, who is paid only at the time of hire.

We will work with client on a retainer basis if  requested.

Our extensive industry contacts and comprehensive database of highly
skilled professions have become the hallmark of E=MC2

Our company's standards are built on integrity and honesty.
Therefore, we consider mass mailing resumes a severe breech
of conduct and ethics.

All resumes are submitted only with the candidates full knowledge and consent.

For all your executive search needs you know the equation: E=MC2

Karen A. Rosenhoover

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