The Interview

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1. Prepare a concise, clear resume.
       Initially, you want to state your skills and experience without being too lengthy.

2. Research the company.
      Find out about the company through their website. Also trade magazines, newspaper articles,the library and any other trade related sources. Areas of interest would be the company's five year growth, financial position, know the product line, latest new releases, and it's competitors.

3. Know the people that you will interview.
     Such as name, title, and position description. Your recruiters at E=MC2 will be of assistance in all of the above areas.


1. Attire should consist of conservative clothing, dark suit with a conservative tie for the men and for women, proper business attire - a conservative suit or dress. Minimal make-up and minimal or no cologne is suggested. Neatness, grooming and a professional look are the keys to success.

2. Get exact directions to the company and plan to arrive at least ten minutes early, factoring in traffic, parking and any other unforeseen time constraints.

3. Be courteous to the entire staff. Be friendly, warm and enthusiastic. Be self-confident.
   Maintain eye contact, be aware of vocal quality, body posture, facial expressions and have a firm handshake.

4. The interview:

  • Smile, give a firm handshake and be enthusiastic, maintaining eye contact at all times.
  • Listen. Give the interviewer the opportunity to talk.
  • Answering questions, be succinct, concise and to the point.
  • Explaining your accomplishments, support your claims by citing figures or specific
  • Be confident about your strengths and abilities.
  • Never speak negatively about a past employer.
  • Ask questions about the company and how you expertise can help them
    towards their goals.

Sample Questions from the Interviewer:

1. Why are you looking for a new position

2. Why are you interested in this position?

3. What are you looking for in your next position/company?

4. Are you able to relocate?

5. What is your greatest professional or personal accomplishment to date?

6. Do you work well as a team member?

The most important factor in answering these questions or any other question is replying with
honestly, keeping responses brief and concise, and avoiding negativity. Certainly, your E=MC2
recruiter will be of assistance in preparation for these questions

If the interviewer asks your present salary, be very honest, let them know the base, bonus, commission and when you anticipate an increase. If asked what salary you want, never give a figure. Place it back in their court. Tell the employer that you are interested in the opportunity and the total package. Ask them to make you an offer and tell them that you will get back to them promptly with your decision.

Asking Questions of the Interviewer:

1.Ask about the position itself, what you will be doing on a daily basis

2. Ask where you will be with the company in one year, two years, five years. This projects   longevity about yourself.

3. Ask how your interviewer got to where they are today.

4. Ask any other job related questions that you wish to clarify such as whom will I be reporting to, what opportunities for advancement are there, and is this position being filled because of someone leaving or is it due to company growth

Upon leaving the interview:

1. Thank the person for their time.

2. Shake hands firmly, maintaining eye contact.

3. Always express your enthusiasm and excitement about the position.
Certainly it is proper to say "I am very interested in working with this company. What is the next step?"


Within a 24 hour period, send a handwritten letter, fax or e-mail to all those involved in the interview process, including the administrative assistant, human resources etc, thanking them for the opportunity of interviewing with the company. At this time it is fine to reiterate your interest and enthusiasm in working with the company.


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